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The NavPoint Real Estate Group team has been involved in the entitlement, development and ownership of a variety of commercial real estate projects covering all property types. NavPoint currently maintains an ownership interest in over 200,000 SF of projects throughout Colorado and the West with an effective occupancy of nearly 98%.    NavPoint has excelled in the development and ownership of medical office, industrial and retail assets.

Investment Criteria

Location: Anywhere in the Western United State with a preference for primary markets but a willingness to look at opportunities in Tertiary markets as well.

Property Type: All property types, with a preference for office, multifamily residential (both development and for sale), Industrial and mixed-use properties.

Deal Size: Up to $20 Million

Investment Type: Equity, debt.

Existing Properties: Underperforming properties that have market-related occupancy problems or expansion potential, and/or require renovating, upgrading or recapitalization. We like value add deals

New Development: May or may not be fully entitled; Commercial projects that may or may not be substantially pre-leased.

Note Purchase:
Purchase of performing or nonperforming loans and other debt instruments that are secured by real estate (or partnership interests)

Investment Sourcing Practices


Underwriting Investment Opportunities


Deal Structuring Practices

In our continuous and comprehensive searching of the commercial real estate market for prudent investments, we are constantly assessing the marketplace for asset and market-based inefficiencies that we can take advantage of in order to gain immediate and/or long-term incremental return without taking on additional risk. These inefficiencies are generally of an idiosyncratic nature (i.e. property or situation specific), rather than of a systemic market nature, that we are able to recognize and ultimately exploit thanks to our operational and capital markets expertise.


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  Our underwriting process is a highly personal one. When it comes to assessing the value of a potential asset, instead of counting on third-party Property Condition Reports or advice from parties not invested in our success, we do it ourselves. We send out our own in-house experts to walk the building or site, evaluate its components, and interview the tenants. We often bring in contractors — not consultants — with whom we have a proven history to appraise its systems and uncover any deficiencies. And we analyze its potential based on what we know about the building and its submarket, not from what we surmise from broad based comparable data. In understanding an asset down to its base components we are better able to judge its investment potential and better prepared to manage it, should we choose to add it to our portfolio.   While we don’t depend on aggressive financing to buoy imprudent investments or position ourselves in the capital structure of properties we wouldn’t want to own outright, we do regularly use strategic structuring practices to enhance our position in an investment. Some examples of how we capitalize upon our structuring expertise are listed below:
  • We make it a general policy to pro-actively manage the downside risk we take in our investments by capitalizing our properties with an average 75% loan/value ratio. We believe this allows us the flexibility to ride out potential downside fluctuations by building in the opportunity to recoup value if an asset performs below expectations.
  • We understand how and when to use preferred equity, structured debt, and promoted minority positions to balance ownership inequities and enhance our position. In doing so, we are able to take advantage of investment positions that would otherwise be unavailable.
  • In capitalizing our investments, we carefully consider our strategy for each property before seeking financing for that asset. In doing so, we seek the kind of financial structure that best matches our strategy and also enables us to build in flexibility for unforeseen conditions. By linking our financing practices with our strategy, we significantly increase the probability of achieving our objectives.



NavPoint Real Estate Group Executes Lease Transactions Across Metro Denver


• Michael’s of Denver Catering, Inc. leased 2,380 SF of office space in the Marshall Office Park at 6425 W. 52nd Ave for 3 years. Matt Call and Heather Taylor of NavPoint Real Estate Group represented the landlord. This lease was executed in December.


• Lupus Foundation of Colorado, a nonprofit corporation leased... Read more

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